Multi Page Brochures & Books

Multiple page documents are ideal as manuals, company brochures, information books and product guides. Depending on the size, they can be saddle stitched (Stapled through the centre) perfect or burst bound. Alternatively, they can also be wire or comb bound.


We can produce almost any size and can also provide additional finishing such as die cutting, foiling and embossing.


You can elect to use your own designer in the preparation of your artwork or we can guide you depending on the size and work involved. In most cases, multiple page books are designed and produced to suit an existing business envelope size, but if you want to create a custom size, we can produce an envelope specific to your booklet.


Are Multi-Page Books or Brochures Expensive?
In many cases, design will cost you as much if not more than the physical printing. With some forward thinking and planning, you can save money. Start by deciding on the content, including the photos you want to use. Drawing up a "rough layout" also goes a long way towards keeping the cost down.


Who Should Prepare The Artwork?
We recommend this type of work be produced profesionally. Whilst you can produce artwork in many non designer software packages, they lack the power and ability to create high quality finishing.


It's important to remember that brochures are intended to generate leads and ultimately revenue. Taking the time to do it properly will pay for itself.


Should I Get A Proof Prior To Print?
As a rule, whenever we print anything valued over $500.00, we highly recommend an Epson proof. It gives you the opportunity to review the artwork at full size and get a good feel for what the final product will look like. Although proofs are digital re-productions, they are of exceptionally high quality and once approved, are used by the press operator to match to final print.



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