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Embossed & Foiled Business Cards

Embossed business cards create a unique and impressive appearance but care should be taken with stock selection and the area to be embossed. For example, small text should not embossed because the debth will not be achieved. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the paper stock, the better the impression but again will vary depending on the paper stock and the area to be embossed.


Stock Selection
Most paper stock are timber based and some have a combination of cotton and timber and others can be recycled sugar cane. In most cases, 280-350gsm can be used if small text is not present. Whilst we have the ability to dictate the amount of pressure when embossing business cards, excessive pressure will crack the paper. We would be happy to review your artwork and make recommendations at no cost to you.


3D Embossing - Brass Blocks

Where you require multiple heights and debths on the object to be embossed, a hand etched brass block (as apposed to magnesium) may be better suited but these are relatively expensive to produce and in many cases unnecessary.


Blind Versus Specific Emboss
A blind emboss is when the emboss block does not have to register with a print area whereas a specific emboss must. For example, the card (top right) is a blind emboss because it does not register with print. The card "DBR" on the right is a specific emboss because characters must align perfectly with the text beneath it.


Foiled Business Cards

Foiled business cards (like embossed cards) require a metal block but small and fine text is in most cases easily achieved. Foils are available in a large range of colours, as well as gloss and matte.


Foiling and Embossing

Foiling and embossing the same image is possible and some beautiful finishes can be achieved.



Debossing is the opposite to embossing and the impression is pushed into the card.


Raised Print Business Cards

Raised print (Verko) business cards is where a powder is applied to the ink when it is still wet creating the raised look.


Die Cut Business cards

We can finish your busines cards to an agreed size or die-cut to a specific shape.


Colour Options

We support Pantone™ and CMYK technologies using Heidelberg™ presses.

More information is available here.


We accept all professional file formats. If you created the file yourself using software such as Microsoft™, we can convert to press ready for you.


Turnaround Times
Our standard turnaround times for embossed business cards is 7-9 business days plus delivery.


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