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In many cases, when you ask for a quote, it will be quoted on standard stocks we use everyday. These products are purchased from Australian Paper Merchants unless it can't be sourced locally.


Why Use Specialty Papers?
In some cases, your design may be better suited to a recycled stock, coloured paper, linens or specialty papers. Other times, you may want to create a particular impression for an invite, a product launch or event.


There is a very big selection of papers that are available and if you like, we can organise for samples to be sent to you. Using custom or specialty products is a great way to differentiate your work. Using specialty papers also gives you the option of keeping all your stationery consistent. For example, matching letterheads to presentation folders, envelopes etc:

Specialty papers can not only compliment your design, they can also add value through the way they look and feel.


Is There A Big Price Difference?

Depending on the paper stock, price can vary but there is a good range of products that are marginally more than generic brands which can give your design exceptional lift without the price tag. You'll also find that on small runs of 1000 or so, the price differnece in the stock makes little differnce to the overall price.


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